The upcoming release from CLOCKS is a bittersweet 
story of high school romance with a hint of 80s nostalgia. 

"October Love" is the lead single on the upcoming debut EP from CLOCKS. While the single is set to be released July 7th 2023, the EP is currently untitled with no set release date. The single was recorded and produced by Jayden and Josh in their DIY home studio, aka Jayden's bedroom.

 "October Love" is a bubbly reflection on high school, romance, and the experience of falling head over heels for someone who is moving away after high school to go to university. It balances sweet reflection and reminiscing with the anxiety that comes with an inevitable ending. In the beginning of this romantic relationship, it's them against the world. They're the stereotypical partners in crime; sneaking around at night, getting in trouble in class, etc. Although they attempt to live in blissful ignorance, the future is still looming, casting its dark doud upon even the happiest of moments.

Over the course of the song, there is a slow shift from the butterfly-in-stomach beginnings to crying in your bed at 4:44am endings. Throughout this journey is a mixture of 80s esque sounds and aesthetics with some modern sensibilities, creating a nostalgic yet fresh sound.

"October Love" was the obvious choice for the lead single, as it sets the scene and introduces the theme of the EP. CLOCKS will continue to explore this complex relationship between heartbreak and bliss throughout the rest of the EP. Stay tuned for more information regarding release dates and titles. You can do so by visiting dockstheband.com or any of the CLOCKS social media profiles.