Clocks is a Canadian indie pop duo made up of lead vocalist, Josh Hope and multi instrumentalist, Jayden Huculak. Jayden and Josh originally met in their high school guitar class, and then went on to build a friendship throughout various other high school classes and performances, including guitar, choir, and their high school's production of Little Shop of Horrors. In Red Deer, Alberta, in the year 2021, they combined their poetry and music writing efforts from the pandemic to create hip yet heartbreaking songs; and thus, Clocks was born. 

Clocks released their debut single, Strawberry Girl, on all streaming services in June of 2022. Followed by Back of Your Hand in August and an acoustic version of Strawberry Girl in September, both in that same year. 

Their sound is a unique mixture of melancholy lyrics set to mellow yet hopeful music. Clocks combines the heart-wrenching lyricism reminiscent of your most devastating heartbreak with the chill and groovy music you’d want to blast in the car. These complex and contrasting elements within their music blend together to create a bittersweet atmosphere of an almost hopeful devastation. Being the storytellers that they are, their detailed lyricism and complex instrumentation allow listeners to become fully immersed in the storyline of each song. Anything their lyrics don’t say, the music will. Every instrument, melodic line, and chord progression feel purposeful and serve to complement the lyrics, fully creating the atmosphere of the story that is being told. 

Clocks is inspired by emotional acts such as Taylor Swift, Beach House, Finneas, Harry Styles and Phoebe Bridgers among many others of similar style. Their inspirations are evident through their combination of intricate storytelling like Taylor Swift and Phoebe Bridgers with the dreamy synth melodies similar to Beach House and The 1975. Clocks is primarily indie pop, but they look forward to exploring as many different sounds and genres as possible.


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